Labuan Bajo & Around

The perfect gateway to Flores ,Komodo island and its wonders!

Labuan Bajo

Labuan Bajo is a small fishing town located at the western end of Flores Island and the best launching point for trips to the Komodo National Park and flores island overland tour.Labuan Bajo is just 2 km away from Komodo Airport (about 10 minutes by car) and the stop before you step foot on a cruise ship!.This is a great point for your Flores exploration! And This is your last chance to Indulge in seafood delicacy at the fish market while enjoying the ocean view, Take a little trek down to Rangko Cave and swim at the ridiculously clear, secret swimming hole inside the cave .If you have much time before the scheduled time of your komodo island cruise or other flores tour. Take a mini-expedition to one of Labuan Bajo’s awesome waterfalls—the CuncaWulang and Cunca Rami, where you can enjoy swimming and canyoning before sailing off the shore. CuncaWulang is especially gorgeous as the water streams from the canyon, entering a gorge where you can jump into the clear water and take a great shot of it. Explore Unique culture and local living tradition of local people of manggaraicountryside .Meanwhile, as you have plenty of time to spend, so why don’t we use it to explore this beautiful little port town? .

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